3 Tracks

This will be a short post. I'm writing music again and I posted three tracks as a sort of warm up routine. I will share some thoughts and quick observations. When dealing with my music I'm going to be as honest as possible. As I mentioned this turned out to be a warm up routine so I don't want to dwell on these projects. Just post and move on.

I must admit that despite a good deal of experience I'm a bit rusty. With that said, it was so much fun doing this again and now I'm definitely ready to do more. Everyone has to break (or re-break) the ice now and again.


Listen to "Opening" here

This one is the probably the best one although part of that has to do with this being the only one of the 3 that is properly mixed and mastered. I put it together awhile back for a promo video we made. I never really brought it to light as it's own track. Here it is. Very nice use of marimba delay and forward moving drums. Forward moving was the whole point.

Sign Off

Listen to "Sign Off" here

I put this together after signing off from a series of lessons at the SB School. It's really just me trying to get a decent funk beat going with vocalizing to match. I also wanted that clear yet dirty drum sound. I was mildly successful. I think what bothers me the most about this track is the mix. I just couldn't get it right although that's really not my forte. Still I need to improve so I can at least do these rough tracks and have them sound presentable. I'll get there. Not worried about it.

Feeling Just Fine

Listen to "Feeling Just Fine" here

This was made on a very bad day but perhaps a great day to put together an over processed track lol. I spent a ton of time trying to get the drums to sound right. It's a process. The next project will be better as I carry that knowledge forward. Delay is used here as a rhythmic driver. Vocals are a quick hook. This one's feel is also off due to over stacking but I guess I couldn't help myself :) Definitely an example of what happens when you get into the weeds.


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