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Coming This Fall - Potential Issues Facing Higher Education

I think it’s time to get real and get honest about what COVID-19 means for universities and conservatories this coming fall. With many switching to and/or partially incorporating online learning AND the current state of the economy, I’m not sure that $70,000 per year will make sense anymore. This is compounded by the fact that the money is often easily borrowed leading to sky high student loans that are challenging for many to realistically pay back. Art and music degrees will be the first to go. Of course I don’t want this to happen but unfortunately, the situation has been unsustainable for quite some time. I (along with many others) have been calling it a bubble for years. When I taught at the college level, I used to be VERY concerned for my students and they ALL KNOW THIS because I was always upfront about it. The truth is that higher education and especially degrees in music and the arts will have to offer better outcomes for well-meaning students if they want to justify their hi

Online Lessons Learned

Over the next week April will be coming to a close. It's been 6 weeks since everything shut down and I began teaching online full time. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I am constantly impressed by everyone's commitment to continuing our work together online. I just recently sent out an email with lesson sign ups for May and the response I received was OVERWHELMING! Thank you everyone! I realize that whether through mindset or actions many are waiting for things to return to normal. While I may want that too, I think it benefits everyone at this point to soberly recognize that things may be this way at least partially for quite some time and even if and when things return to "normal," they may never be quite the same for a variety of reasons. What this means is that it's time to think about thriving in the "here and now." This can be a very positive thing and I can assure you that beyond the numerous lessons I'm teaching, I'