Sad World - Fight Another Day

As I sit here listening to this I know that once again when it comes to my own music I've lost all objectivity. However, I can tell you this. I put this tune together during a very sad time for America and the world. Just look at the date on this post. There are no coincidences.

Listen to "Sad World - Fight Another Day" here

The Tune

It's basically a sad progression with a guitar influenced vibes riff that sort of rolls along using a similar drum beat to another track I made Sign Off (this beat just keeps coming out). However, it eventually deviates. The vocal transformer or chipmunk voice sounded and felt right. I must have been remembering Battles and channeling my inner Frank Zappa. Speaking of Zappa check out his basic business philosophy here. Pretty much sums up how I feel about so many things. Anyway... the sad progression transitions into a more energetic Brazilian-fusion section of sorts and then it just ends. I could definitely see all of this turning into a larger more substantial work down the road but for now I just wanted to put it out of it's misery and move on. That's how things have been for me creatively lately and there is a good reason why. I am constantly testing myself to move faster and faster. I've spent a great deal of time and energy thinking about adapting to our "new normal." I feel that the previous skills I've had as a composer, producer, and content creator are woefully inadequate. I've done quite well for myself but I always knew that this day was coming. A part of my pre-COVID business expansion plan included a media center for student projects so it was in my 1-3 year plan to do these things much MUCH better anyway but COVID-19 changed all of that. I now find myself working to lead with these things. As a result, everything must improve. This includes my composition, audio, and video skills. I need to become a more complete creative package. This makes tracks like this important because they allow me to experiment and try things out. It's all a part of the learning process. Part of that process also has to be finishing or putting a period on projects no matter how I feel. It's important because I used to horde things and get nowhere. I should definitely write about that one day. It's an important lesson for students and it comes up often. We live in a fluid world. Adaptation also means being comfortable with who you are in the moment so you can live in the moment.

The Broader Message

Today we also live in a very serious and sad world. However, I try to wake up every day and fight to be a resource and positive example. It's never easy but it's our only hope. All cannot be lost. Life will go on for all of us and there are too many well-meaning students out there who will grow up to be adults one day. They are going to have to lead. We can't let them down. Beyond that I can't let myself and my family down. I can't let my son down. No matter how the world looks I resolve to fight. I won't let negativity and inaction take over and believe me they try to almost every day.

The road ahead is going to be difficult. This is a time to be kind and compassionate to each other and ourselves. We'll need to be as we strive to do what's necessary and often challenging to make it through this time without losing everything.



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